Monday, February 6, 2012

I was in the newspaper?!

As you can see here me and my boyfriend was in the newspaper today! We got interviewed randomly on the street when we were in Gothenburg someday in the beginning of January and I just thought there was going to be a little picture of us in a corner or something like that but the pictures of us was so huge I was so chocked haha.
For you who don't speak swedish, They asked us if being on Facebook makes us feel good and well, both our answers are yes I guess, because we can connect with friends where we live and from all over the world! Daniel said that it makes him feel good to be able to stay in touch with people and I said that it makes me feel good, for example. if I post a picture of  myself and people write nice thing about it or if I have a question I'll post that and people will answer fast! I think Daniel's photo was really great! Very handsome tihi...
I can't stop smiling this is so wierd haha :)

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