Monday, March 12, 2012

MAC lipstick collection!

I really love MAC products but I don't have that many yet, all I have right now is these three lipsticks!
Let me show you them :)

 Secret lover - Viva glam gaga 2 - Viva glam gaga

Of these three I use Secret lover the most, as you can see from the swatches it's a light nude color with shimmer in it, it's great for an everyday look! Of the other ones I use  Viva glam gaga the most! It has this wonderful "frosty pink" color with a glossy finish which I think looks amazing! 
As I said in one of my videos I thought I was going to like the Viva glam gaga 2 the most because I love nude color lipsticks but the pink one is so pretty! Well I use the number 2 from time to time but not that often, There's nothing wrong with it though, it has a perfect nude color for me! I guess it's just that I'm feeling pink right now, I will probably start wearing it more in the future! :)
The next lipstick I plan on getting is the MAC media one... it's so lovely I can't wait to buy it!!

Well, I think that's all for today!
Bai bai~

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  1. Wow I hope you get that job, that would be great for you!!! :D I want sushiiii!!!