Saturday, March 17, 2012

My B-day dinner!

Hello guys! So... Today's my 21st birtday! I'm feeling a bit old haha x3 Look at my lovely Daniel-san<3 How handsome he is!

I got this amazing bag from Daniel-san's parents and I LOVE IT!! It's just what I needed!

We celebrated my birthday by going to a japanese restaurant! This was my birthday gift from my mom and stepdad! I started with some sashimi which tasted soooo delicious and later on they started bringing in the thing we had been waiting for... Yose nabe! It's this hotpot where you just put a ton of yummy stuff in it and well... eat it!

We each got one of these plates with ingredients and the quality of it all was amazing!

Then we just threw it all in there and let it cook for how long we wanted!

We also got some udon noodles, peanut sauce and ponzu sauce! (Ponzu sauce = Heaven)

It was all so amazingly delicious and we had a great time together! Best birthday ever! 

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