Sunday, March 4, 2012

Update です!

Hi guys! There is so much going on right now with school and job stuff! I've had two important tests already and I passed them both*phew* Right now I'm also learning about Japanese politics and I must say, even though I've never been interested in politics, this is really interesting!

This is my nails atm, I kinda like them but I'm not too fond of red actually...
(Why did I buy a red nailpolish then? lol)

This little cute envelope contains my CV!(Résumé) I've made it as pretty as I could because tomorrow I'm going to apply for a job I REALLY REALLY want! (Not my dream job but a job nonetheless!) I hope the cute packaging will make them remember me! Wish me good luck >w<!

Well this post is pretty random, sorry about that! Until next time...
Bai bai~