Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Ok I know there has only been like 4 week since I became interested in this hobby but today I did what I have been wanting to do ever since I got into it! I just ordered my first doll!! Waaaah! I'm crazy happy right now!! The mold is Resinsouls Gang, he's 61 cm tall and absolutely gorgeous!

This is PlagueBearerBJD's(@Deviantart) Resinsoul Gang mold and I adore him so soo much! He's made of hottness! I also ordered a pair of shoes, a pair of glass eyes and a pretty brown fur wig!

I was worried about clothes but I've realized I have enought sewing skills left to give him some basic clothes at least. We'll see what he'll get later on. This is the things I made for him last weekend!

A cap, a scarf, a shirt and a cute backpack >w<! Notice le awesome neckchain!

Saved the best part for last... or maybe not x'D This are his super cute boxers ;3

I cant wait for my boy to get home!! Dx

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  1. How did you make him look so Asian?! Its amazing how amazing it is! O3O I love! <3