Monday, May 7, 2012

I welcome the BJD fandom to my life!

Ok, so I've sen some pictures of BJD's before and I had a hunch about what it was but now ladies and gentlemen... I'm hyping this shit!
Ever since I saw a bunch of photos of my friend and her friends BJD's I've been totally crazy over it and have been spending my days scrolling through page after page of beautiful creations.

What's a BJD you ask?
BJD stands for "ball-jointed doll", these kinds of dolls are cast in resin and with their ball-joints and thick elastic that holds them together they're so flexible it's possible for the dolls to pose in very life like ways! They come in a load of different sizes from up to 70cm and down to 14cm or even smaller. The dolls are also fully customizable, from the color of the skin, the so called face up(makeup), bodyparts, hair and clothes. You can make your doll the only one of it's kind, and when you don't like it anymore, redo it! These dolls can be pretty expensive and I've seen dolls from the prize of 100$ and up to 2000$ Then you have to buy clothes, wigs, pay for face up and so on. It isn't a cheap hobby.

 This is the Ming doll from the company Resinsouls!

The reason I choose this picture is that I'm hoping to buy this guy and make him my first doll!
What I also like about the BJD community is that it's not only a doll, it's a character! It has it's own lifestory and personality! So yeah, it's like when we were young and playing with dolls again. I'm not finished but I have some idea of what characters I want! I can't wait to get started! 

These are some of the dolls I would LOVE to have in my collection! They are all from different companies and each company has it's own personal style!

I'm longing for my first doll but I will buy it... soon! 
That's all for today! Bai bai~

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