Monday, October 22, 2012

Revived my blog o.o!!

Hi guys! Long time no see indeed...
I just redid my whole blog design(Pretty proud of my new header lol) and intend to start writing about stuff again! So let's start with some updates!
Right now I'm studying and working at the same time to save up some money for.... dum dum duuuum~
Next year in april me and Taniel-san are going to go and study in Yokohama for a whole year(If everything goes as planned)!! We still still need to do alot of paperwork but we hope to hear from the school soon!
I'm so hyped mwahaa~ and I love my new blog... hahaha~

Although I'm stressed out about work, school and homework I'm pretty happy about how things are right now :3 It's good to be back too!

Wait for more updates people~ see ya! (>w<)/~<3

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