Saturday, November 10, 2012

Japanese history 'n' Pokémon!

Hi guys! What are you up to?
Downloaded a bunch of funny fonts to my computer, will be playing around with them on the blog alot tehe~ I'm really in love with anything creepy/cute at the moment(damn you Tumblr) so this font suits me perfectly!
The weather has been shit so I've just been laying in bed all day.

Have been studying today! We have a major exam coming up this month and it's making me nervous!! Page after page about old japanese history! Samurais, different periods, politics, religion, culture, so on and so forth. History has never been my thing though...
Better get everything right hehe...^^'''

  No but really, I do... I think...

 Anyway, I've also been playing Pokémon rumble today which calmes me down a bit haha! They are just sooo cute!! I want to have 'em all!! Can I please? In the beginning I thought the game was too easy but it's slowly starting to challenge me more and more! Guh @_@''
But it's really cute and fun!

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