Monday, December 31, 2012

Time for an update :3

Oh hi...
Yeah it's been a while hasn't it? I promised myself this wouldn't happen again but it seems like it's inevitable? I need some time off blogging from time to time I guess haha. So yeah, merry late christmas to you all! I hope you all got alot of good food and some spanktastic new objects from santa this year!(Whats wrong with me today?)
Well, the Japan adventure draws near and I'm feeling it! I'm already starting to get nervous. Not only because of all the exciting things we're going to do but also the explosion of work that needs to be done before the trip over there. All the paperwork, what should we bring?, where should we live?, getting the loan up and going and all that jazz. Well, our lovely company is going to help us alot but there is still alot to do ourselves! Still pretty excited about it though tihi >w<
Oh, and I just realized I haven't told you guys what school we're going to?! Here it is!!

Yokohama Design College
Looks so cool right?! We had one demand when looking for schools, it had to be close to Tokyo! At first we were looking at schools in the area but none of them really made us go "Wow, I wanna go there!!" So we found this cute school in Yokohama and we love love love it!(From what we can see from the video at least.) We both love art and design so this was an obvious choice for us!

It's 01:27 here in Sweden now so I should probably go to sleep now. It's new year tomorrow(Today) and I'm so exciteeeed!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU<3

// Love from Sandra