Friday, April 5, 2013

A warm spring day!

Hello guys! (^w^)/

  Today we took a went to Hoshikawa to register ourselves at the ward office and get the national health insurance! It took about 20-30min to get there and with a cold drink in hand there is nothing better than a walk in the hot spring weather.

  In a corner on the way there we found a bunch of birdcages with lots of cute birds in them!
I just wanted to take them all home with me mwaha~ >w<!!

 After that we took the train to Yokohama because I needed to buy a hairdryer. Just outside the exit we choose I found this taiyaki stand and I've been wanting to try one for soo long!!

 This is a taiyaki! The "bread" is basically pancake/waffle batter and on the inside there is sweet read bean paste(Anko in japanese)! There is alot of other fillings too but I think this is the most common! 
I love anko and this tasted sooooo delicious~

We walked around town and Daniel found himself a pair of headphones since we don't want to disturb our housemates with our loud music! We also bought alot of food on the way home so our fridge doesn't look as empty anymore haha!

I can't wait for Monday to come, I want to start school and get some kind of routine going. I'm loving everything but right now it still feels like I'm on vacation haha! At least we got our mail today from school saying that both me and Daniel are in the same class yay!~ Super excited!

See ya soon~ baibai!

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  1. Nu får du mig att också vilja åka! Varför är anko-brödet i fiskform? O.O