Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Soon off to Yokohama!

So we've been here in Tokyo for about four days now. We have been sightseeing and visiting the places we've missed since we where here the last time. I hope you guys have been watching my videos, I've put one up every day since we got here(accept for today), It's been fun and we've eaten alot of good food but tomorrow it's time for serious business!!
Tomorrow morning we're taking an early train to Yokohama, it's time for us to find our school, take our placement test and then move into our new room! I'm excited but at the same time pretty nervous even though there's nothing to be worried about. This so called placement test is just to let the school know how much we already know(or don't know hehe) so they can put us in the right course level.
We really start school(classes) on 8th of April! Until then there is some stuff we have to do, getting cellphones, make ourselves at home in the new room and I think we're going to buy bicycles too! :D

Yeah, I still can't believe I'm here, feels like a dream! I hope that this year can give me some clarity in what I want to do with my life. Being here just makes me think a lot about that haha.
We haven't done anything special today since it's been raining all day. We just decided to stay at the hotel, watch TV and prepare for tomorrows trip.
I think I'm going to go to sleep soon because I'm really tired though, so much to do tomorrow!
G'night people!

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