Monday, January 16, 2012

University introduction!

 (My FOTD :3)
So, I went to the university's introduction meeting today! Me and all the other students from all the other language courses were in this auditorium together to listen to the principal and some other people talk about the school and how things work, It was boring but necessary I guess. The building we were in was beautiful with big copper lions on the outside and amazing paintings on the inside walls and roof. Almost like the inside of a church and it was all hand painted! Really amazing! We're not going to have our classes in that building but I like it^^


Since I'm going to study Japanese and about Japan I looked around the crowd to see if anyone looked as if they liked Japan(and might be going to the same class as I am) and sure enough I saw two girls that were dressed in lolita and visual kei style looks! I REALLY look forward to the first lesson(This thursday!) and to meet and get to know some new people :D

To something completely different now,  it seems like were are going to move to the new house this weekend! Ahhh I'm so excited!!
I hope you guys had a great weekend and let's do our best this week okay? :D
Bai bai~

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