Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why do you like Japan?

I had an interesting talk with one of my sensei yesterday. We talked mostly about career, Japan and he asked me these questions I really can't get out of my head... he's a M.Phil. in japanese. He also researches about the japanese tea ceremony and teaches japanese history so I guess it's just natural for him to try to see things in a different light. I told him that I wanted to have a job where I could use my japanese skills in the future. He told me that to stay one step ahead of other people and to get to do what I want, I have to figure myself out first. What is it that you want to do? Why do you like Japan? he asked me, I thought I knew but I have no freaking clue. I just do and that's not an answer.

 I guess it all started with manga and anime but that is clearly not the case right now. They are just a hobby to me now, my interest in Japan has grown into something I can't quite grasp. How can I make a career choice when I don't even know what I like.
I started making this mind map but I soon realized that the paper didn't have room enough for all the things I wanted to write down. I just thought I'd write down the things I like about Japan and then all the things I think about when I hear those words. Some words pops up several times on different lines, like art and food but that's nothing new, those two are probably the most important things in my life.
There isn't ONE reason to why I like Japan, I mean look at that! and that's not even all. How do you explain this to someone? There is no way to do that.
This may have started of as something very very small and innocent but with this it's all too clear to me that I've totally emerged myself in this world... and I never want to get out because I fucking love it all.

So... why do you like Japan?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ebay is your friend!

Since I rarely ever buy clothes it was time for some new stuff!(Everything I have is starting to fall into pieces because I wear it too often...) And since ebay is my friend I did a little late night shopping! Got all of these for the price of what you would pay for one or two pairs!! Crazy... I hope they fit me eheheeh^^'' I can't wait for it all to get here!!I've been looking for the skeleton ones and the half black, half white ones for a long time! Finally I'm getting them mwihihi \(^w^)/~<3


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Going to London?!

A friend of mine were going to go to London and see BIG BANG in december. I was a little jealous but didn't think that much about it after that. Earlier today she wrote that she had extra tickets that she was selling and I just went for it! So... yeah, I'm going to London x'D I can't believe this!! Omg it feels a little weird that I'm actually gonna see them... live. WAAAAH~ \>w</!!

 ~I feel fantastic baby!!!~


Mini shoppingu day~

 Hi guys~ Had a wonderful day out with Taniel-san today! We were out to do some important stuff but also took the time to shop a little tihi~ This is how I looked today! No piercings... Why you ask? We went to town to take pictures for our Japan visas and apparently you're not allowed to have any acessories. They turned out pretty bad as usual but here you go.

Well... I may have made some small changes to the originals but we looked so damn pissed of and sad because you're not allowed to smile either... bah boring. We've sent in all the papers and photos so now the company were traveling with is just going to send our applications to the school and then we wait for an answer... I'm a little nervous...
Now to what I bought!!

  I bought these supercute bow-hairclips with eyeballs in the middle! I've been seeing these around alot lately and find them sooo pretty!!

My old coat was like... 3 years old and it was starting to give up so it was about time for a new one! Found this one... mwaaah~ I LOVE it! So cute *w*

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My relationship with food: I love food

Bento box I made :3

I've always had a good relationship with food. I was never forced to eat anything as a kid and I think that made me like some kinds of food other kids my age hated. I've never been picky and love to experiment with flavors even when I was younger. Not to talk about how I loved the school lunches.

Weird foodstuff I did as a kid:
*Wrapped a potato in cheese and put it in the microwave(Delicious~)
*Put potato salad in a bowl of meatsoup(What was I suppose to do? I wanted potato salad and there was soup at school that day... besides.. it was really good!)
*Garlic dressing on EVERYTHING(I may or may not still do that...)

As i started high school this love for food pretty much escalated out of my own control. I didn't stop eating when feeling full, I just continued eating because it was good. We all know what happened there, I had to put a stop to it.
There is something about food, I'm(even now) looking forward to every meal of the day. Thinking about what to eat next. How I can make that meal complete? It's something we HAVE to do everyday so what I'm trying to say is, why not enjoy every bite? Taniel-san is one of those people who doesn't really care for food that much. Well, he do care and think it's good but his attiutude is more like, "You have to eat to live". I on the other hand live to eat.
Since I've changed my eating habits some stuff has happened that I didn't expect to happen. Well what I've done is that I eat smaller portions, I don't eat because it's good anymore(okay maybe a little on christmas and other occasions like that) and now my latest adventure, I don't eat sweets or drink soda.

 Chicken curryyyyy*drool*

Some things I've realized recently:
*I really don't wanna eat oily(deepfried) foods, it makes me feel a little sick. I ate some fries today but i think i'm gonna stop doing that... ew.
*I like how pastries look(So pretteh) but just the thought of eating like a cupcake or something with alot of  cream on it, blargh... my stomach(and my body) do not want.
*I'm not a big fan of any kind of soda atm either^^'' just feels so, I don't know... unnecessary?
*EAT ALL THE SALAD!!!!! Before, I loved putting dressing all over my salad but now I just want it the way it is.

I'm pretty sure that some of these thing would change if I started eating cupcakes or something like that again but I'm actually glad it's the way it is right now! I still love food though, never giving that up~ haha :)

Birthday cake from when Taniel turned 20 >w<

Monday, October 22, 2012

Unpopular opinion - I don't like babies

I think I've written about this before but I just need to get this out of my system.
One thing society fail to understand is, not everyone likes babies. I sure don't. I could go as far to say that I hate babies and I don't hate alot of things. I don't think they're cute, adorable or any of that shit! Everytime I end up in discussions about this stuff everyone just runs over me with stupid statements, these are a few I've heard several times.

- "You will most likely grow out of it."
- "Your perception about babies will completely change after you have some of your own."
- "You are to young to understand." 

Comments like these really makes me all fired up and pissed. It's not like I don't want people to have children and I really don't think anyone is stupid for wanting it but it is just not for me and this is what people don't understand.
 One thing I can't stand though are parents that parade their babies all around and think everyone wants to see. I want to gouge my eyes out everytime someone stick a picture of their child in my face. Same when someone is pestering me about holding their newborn. Please don't make me, I DON'T WANT TO!
I get the most horrible feeling in the world when stuff like that happen and I have to act like I think that gross little thing is amazingly cute and wonderful. Even when I say "No thanks" people wonder why and try to force that fucking baby into your arms anyway. Uhhh... feel bad just thinking about everytime that has happened... I'm probably a master at faking smiles because of this. I just can't stand them.
I know this is a unpopular opinion but I need to let this out sometimes or I'll go crazy~
 Also there is two things in this world I'm deadly afraid of! Sharks and... getting pregnant! Getting pregnant being #1! If I'd find out that I was pregnant there would be no hesitation in the world in getting that thing out of me quick as fucking hell. Blargh... don't even want to think about it makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

That's why I'm so happy I've found someone that doesn't want children as well... thank god for that...
Well that's it I guess, phew, really needed to get that out there!~ See ya! If you still want to read that is! tihi ;3

That thing about weightloss?

Yah, still working on it... I've had my ups and downs but even so! I'm not giving up! Recently(About a month ago) I decided to stop eating candy, other sweets and not drink soda. It's been going really well and I haven't really had a hard time with it o.o My goal is to keep this going until I go to Japan in April! 
I've also found a gym that I like and I'm gonna start working out there as soon as I can^w^

Here's a picture from this summer. I really like my waist but everything else... nah >.< I want to tone and slim down my arms, legs and hips! I'm feeling really motivated and I'm going to do my best!

Revived my blog o.o!!

Hi guys! Long time no see indeed...
I just redid my whole blog design(Pretty proud of my new header lol) and intend to start writing about stuff again! So let's start with some updates!
Right now I'm studying and working at the same time to save up some money for.... dum dum duuuum~
Next year in april me and Taniel-san are going to go and study in Yokohama for a whole year(If everything goes as planned)!! We still still need to do alot of paperwork but we hope to hear from the school soon!
I'm so hyped mwahaa~ and I love my new blog... hahaha~

Although I'm stressed out about work, school and homework I'm pretty happy about how things are right now :3 It's good to be back too!

Wait for more updates people~ see ya! (>w<)/~<3