Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mini shoppingu day~

 Hi guys~ Had a wonderful day out with Taniel-san today! We were out to do some important stuff but also took the time to shop a little tihi~ This is how I looked today! No piercings... Why you ask? We went to town to take pictures for our Japan visas and apparently you're not allowed to have any acessories. They turned out pretty bad as usual but here you go.

Well... I may have made some small changes to the originals but we looked so damn pissed of and sad because you're not allowed to smile either... bah boring. We've sent in all the papers and photos so now the company were traveling with is just going to send our applications to the school and then we wait for an answer... I'm a little nervous...
Now to what I bought!!

  I bought these supercute bow-hairclips with eyeballs in the middle! I've been seeing these around alot lately and find them sooo pretty!!

My old coat was like... 3 years old and it was starting to give up so it was about time for a new one! Found this one... mwaaah~ I LOVE it! So cute *w*

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