Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My relationship with food: I love food

Bento box I made :3

I've always had a good relationship with food. I was never forced to eat anything as a kid and I think that made me like some kinds of food other kids my age hated. I've never been picky and love to experiment with flavors even when I was younger. Not to talk about how I loved the school lunches.

Weird foodstuff I did as a kid:
*Wrapped a potato in cheese and put it in the microwave(Delicious~)
*Put potato salad in a bowl of meatsoup(What was I suppose to do? I wanted potato salad and there was soup at school that day... besides.. it was really good!)
*Garlic dressing on EVERYTHING(I may or may not still do that...)

As i started high school this love for food pretty much escalated out of my own control. I didn't stop eating when feeling full, I just continued eating because it was good. We all know what happened there, I had to put a stop to it.
There is something about food, I'm(even now) looking forward to every meal of the day. Thinking about what to eat next. How I can make that meal complete? It's something we HAVE to do everyday so what I'm trying to say is, why not enjoy every bite? Taniel-san is one of those people who doesn't really care for food that much. Well, he do care and think it's good but his attiutude is more like, "You have to eat to live". I on the other hand live to eat.
Since I've changed my eating habits some stuff has happened that I didn't expect to happen. Well what I've done is that I eat smaller portions, I don't eat because it's good anymore(okay maybe a little on christmas and other occasions like that) and now my latest adventure, I don't eat sweets or drink soda.

 Chicken curryyyyy*drool*

Some things I've realized recently:
*I really don't wanna eat oily(deepfried) foods, it makes me feel a little sick. I ate some fries today but i think i'm gonna stop doing that... ew.
*I like how pastries look(So pretteh) but just the thought of eating like a cupcake or something with alot of  cream on it, blargh... my stomach(and my body) do not want.
*I'm not a big fan of any kind of soda atm either^^'' just feels so, I don't know... unnecessary?
*EAT ALL THE SALAD!!!!! Before, I loved putting dressing all over my salad but now I just want it the way it is.

I'm pretty sure that some of these thing would change if I started eating cupcakes or something like that again but I'm actually glad it's the way it is right now! I still love food though, never giving that up~ haha :)

Birthday cake from when Taniel turned 20 >w<

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